Slovian firm designs futuristic, modular dome homes that can be erected on any terrain

Designers at Slovenia-based Smartdome Constructions have unveiled a series of futuristic modular dome homes that can be erected on almost all kinds of terrain. Based on the concept of "bionic construction", these spectacular, prefabricated structures can easily blend into their surrounding landscapes. Thanks to their innovative modular design, the dwellings can be expanded into larger…

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Scientists unravel the mystery of Paulinella, an ancient amoeba that consumed a bacterium to become photosynthetic

As part of a new research, an international team of scientists has attempted to solve the mystery surrounding Paulinella, a tiny amoeba that consumed a photosynthetic bacterium some 100 million years ago, keeping it alive to produce food through photosynthesis. The robbery allowed the ancient amoeba to exploit the bacterium's genes for photosynthesis, something that…

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