Coal-Tar Deried Antiseptic Used In WWI To Combat Antibiotic Resistance-1

Coal-tar derived antiseptic used in WWI could be the solution to antibiotic resistance

According to researchers from Hudson Institute of Medical Research in Australia, a WWI-era antiseptic has been ‘revived’ in lab conditions – and the subsequent analysis has shown promising results when it comes to countering antibiotic resistance and even preventing common cold. The simple medication in question here pertains to acriflavine, comprising a reddish-brown powder derived…

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Microsoft Lab Sets Record As The Quietest Place On Earth-1

Microsoft’s audio lab sets record as the quietest place on Earth!

If you are looking for a bit of peace and quiet, you might want to try the newly-built audio laboratory at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Designated as the quietest place in the whole wide world, this specially-designed anechoic (meaning, free from echo) chamber has an unbelievably low average background noise of -20.6 dBA (decibels…


Hungarian artist designs giant polystyrene man, named Feltépve, erupting from the depths of the underworld!

In the past, we have come across some really unusual, albeit equally inventive, artwork, like the somewhat-outlandish three-wheeler dinosaur bike or the colossal underwater sculpture of a Bahamian girl, called Ocean Atlas. But when it comes to the bizarre, the following piece easily takes the cake. Going by the name of Feltépve (meaning "ripped up" or…



6 palaces in India architecture lovers must visit

India has witnessed great rulers and emperors. Be it Ashoka and Akbar of North or Tippu Sultan and Shivaji of South, India has had its share of brave heroes. What our kings left behind for us are palaces that leave you amazed.If you love and appreciate architecture, these are six palaces you definitely don’t want…

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Science and Tech


Injecting carbon dioxide into basalt turns it into solid rock, new study reveals

Carbon dioxide is currently one of the most abundant greenhouse gases contributing to the issues of global warming and climate change. While researchers have been relatively successful at trapping environmentally-harmful carbon emission from the atmosphere, the problem of storing it safely has continued to plague today's greatest scientific minds. (more…)

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