Meet The Badass Cyborg Stingray That Is Powered By A Rat's Heart-4

Meet the badass cyborg stingray that is actually powered by a rat’s heart

Thanks to recent technological advancements, bio-inspired robotics is currently taking the world by storm. Last year, for instance, we talked about Pleurobot, an amazingly versatile robot that mimics the movements of a salamander. Around the same time, a team of South Korean scientists created an innovative robotic insect that behaves similar to actual water striders.…



Sprawling Urban Farm Complex Set To Rise Right In The Middle Of Shanghai-1

Sprawling urban farm complex set to rise right in the middle of Shanghai

Rising among the skyscrapers of Shanghai is a sprawling urban farm that could meet the food needs of the 24 million people currently residing in the city. Conceived by architectural firm Sasaki, this ambitious project aims to grow food for the entire population right in the middle of the concrete city. Once constructed, the 247-acre…

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New research shows that cannabis could be used to reverse aging of the brain-2

New research shows that cannabis could be used to reverse aging of the brain

Who would have thought marijuana would one day be known for its age-reversing properties?! Bizarre though it is, a new study has found that THC, a compound that is also the chief psychoactive constituent of cannabis, can greatly enhance brain function in aged mice to the extent that it starts resembling two-month old rodents in terms…

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