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Gold Coin Treasure_2000 Coins_ Israel Coast

Treasure trove with over 2,000 gold coins discovered off the Israel coast

At its zenith during the 11th century, the Fatimid Caliphate with its later royal capital based in Cairo (al-Qāhira), spanned most of North Africa (also known as Maghreb), the sea-bordering Hijaz (west of the Red Sea), Levant (by Asiatic Mediterranean) and even Sicily. The Shia faith-fueled empire was mostly known for its cultural achievements, religious tolerance…


2,700-year-old papyrus is believed to contain earliest reference of Jerusalem

An ancient papyrus fragment, recovered by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), contains what is believed to be the earliest reference to Jerusalem apart from the Bible. Dating back to around 7th century B.C., and therefore older than the Dead Sea Scrolls, the document features two lines in ancient Hebrew that state: From the king's maidservant,…

Middle East Home To Mysterious Stonehenge-Like Monument

The Middle East is home to a mysterious stone monument that is as old as Stonehenge

The Middle East, it seems, is home to a mysterious prehistoric monument that is as almost old as the famed Stonehenge in England. Located in the Golan Heights region, this spectacular monument, called “Wheel of Giants”, features five concentric circles made of heaped stone rubble, with a burial mound situated right at the center. (more…)

2000-year Old_Ritual_Bath_Cryptic_Messages_Israel

2000-year old ritual bath in Jerusalem district, reveals cryptic message along its wall

Back in July, we talked about a 2000-year old ritual bath (or mikveh) found hidden underneath a family’s living room, in Ein Karem, an ancient village in south-west Jerusalem (district). This discovery was pronounced as being significant, since the bath lends some support to the long-standing claim that the region was historically the birthplace of Jesus’s…

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