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Desalinating gaphene sieves could be the answer to world's fresh water crisis-1

Newly-developed desalinating graphene sieves could be the answer to world’s freshwater crisis

With the world’s freshwater reserve dwindling rapidly, scientists are increasingly looking for energy- as well as cost-efficient ways to desalinate seawater. Now a team of 13 researchers from UK's University of Manchester has uncovered a new and innovative technique to remove salts from ocean water using the versatile one-atom-thick allotrope of carbon known as graphene.…


New research reveals hitherto-unknown state of liquid water

You'd think that we already know everything there is to know about water, a compound that makes up nearly 60-percent of our body. Turns out there's more to it than meets the eye. As part of a new study, for instance, scientists have discovered a second, hitherto-unknown state of liquid water, achieved when heated to…


New research shows that carbon nanotube transistors are twice as efficient as silicon varities

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have shown for the first time that transistors fashioned out of carbon nanotubes are actually twice as efficient as regular silicon varieties. This comes after decades of research regarding how carbon nanotubes can be used to design the next generation of computers. Speaking about the breakthrough, recently published in…

New plastic-based smart fabric is designed to keep us cool even in hot climates-1

New plastic-based smart fabric is designed to keep us cool even in hot climates

Scientists at Stanford University have developed a new type of textile that reportedly cools your body, thus reducing the need for energy-intensive air conditioning. Recently published in the Science journal, the research could pave the way for a new family of smart fabrics that can handle body heat more efficiently than currently-available natural and synthetic…

This Small Device Uses Sunlight To Disinfect Water Within Minutes-2

This small rectangular device uses sunlight to disinfect water within minutes

In a world where as many as 1.2 billion people live without proper access to clean water, scientists are striving to develop new technologies of water purification that are not only efficient but also inexpensive. Researchers at Stanford University, for instance, have come up with an innovative device that can disinfect water in a matter of…

Strange carbon nanorods could be used to harvest water from desert air

Scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)  recently had a eureka moment, when  they accidentally invented an unusual material that can harvest water from the atmosphere. According to the researchers, these carbon nanorods absorb and release water in a completely different, somewhat baffling way. (more…)

Butterfly Wings Could Pave The Way For Brighter Displays-2

New technology inspired from butterfly wings could pave the way for brighter displays

Bio-inspired electronics are no longer a thing of the future, with scientists increasingly looking for ways to replicate complex natural processes in the realm of nanotechnology, robotics and other related fields. In the past, for instance, researchers developed high-definition LCD displays by studying the color-changing abilities of squids and octopuses. Previously, a team from Stanford…

Scientists Design World's Smallest Thermometer Using DNA-2

Canadian scientists design world’s smallest thermometer using DNA molecules

Scientists at Canada's University of Montreal have devised an incredibly advanced, programmable DNA thermometer 20,000 times smaller than a single human hair. Recently published in the Nano Letters journal, the breakthrough could enhance our understanding of natural and human-designed nanotechnologies, by allowing researchers to accurately measure temperature in nanoscale. According to the scientists, DNA molecules…

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