Articles by Dattatreya Mandal


Drone technology possibly revealed a section of a Roman road in Northumberland

An ancient Roman road in Northumberland running from Portgate on Hadrian’s Wall (near the Errington Arms) to the mouth of the River Tweed has been called the Devil's Causeway by scholars and archaeologists. And while the route is known, actual archaeological evidence of the track in various places is rather scant. Interestingly enough, recently a…


Tech Catalysts: 3 Industries Exploding With Modern Innovations

When you think of the tech industry, your first thought might be of new inventions that have come out of big players like Google and their watch or perhaps innovations having to do with something more obscure. The truth of the matter is that technology isn't just one conglomerate of ideas put to use on…


Camera Technology: 4 Essential Advances and Accessories

Photography has come a long way over the years. There have been new advances in the technology of the camera itself and the associated accessories. The average person doesn’t even need to purchase a specialized camera with the increase in smartphone improvements. For professional photographers, the accessories are still necessary. Here are some of the…


OPod: A tiny house solution composed of repurposed concrete tubes

We at HEXAPOLIS have covered our fair share of tiny house solutions, ranging from library-packed habitats to dwellings that move around via railway tracks. This time around, architect James Law has brought forth his spatial innovation in the form of the OPod, a cylindrical tiny house made of repurposed concrete tubes. Boating over 8 ft…


The ‘immortal’ Hydra: An animal that can seemingly live forever

Most of us would know about the Greek mythical beast Hydra, the serpentine water monster that could supposedly regenerate two heads in case one of its original ones were chopped off. However, the namesake real-life animal - the Hydra magnipapillata, or simply freshwater polyp, probably does one better than its mythical counterpart. That is because,…


4 Ways Cloud Technology Impacts Businesses

Cloud technology is being used by more and more businesses because of its numerous benefits. It is particularly helpful for small businesses for a number of reasons. Companies that do not use cloud computing run a greater risk of falling behind their competition. These are just four of the ways that cloud technology has and…


Tech Innovation Education: How the Internet Has Changed the Way We Learn

The millennial generation is the biggest benefactor of the internet explosion. It is safe to conclude that the late stage of the millennials is entirely dependent on the web. The average millennial is equipped with at least one internet-enabled device. The Internet of Things concept, which connects several devices to communicate, makes a huge percentage…


Good Gadgets: 4 Technologies That Keep Your Family Safe

With developing technology, it is getting easier to protect your family and your home. There are dozens of gadgets available that can help you with security. Some systems are more expensive than others. Here are some of the options available to keep your family safe: (more…)