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Scientists Discover Bizarre Force That Causes Nanoparticles To Move In Vacuum-2

No such thing as vacuum: Scientists discover bizarre force that causes nanoparticles to move in void

Strange though it sounds, vacuum is not exactly void. Absolute nothingness, according to quantum physics, is only imaginary. In truth, vacuums are populated by minute electromagnetic fluctuations. As proof, scientists have recently discovered an entirely new kind of force that is at play in vacuum. Acting on nanoparticles, this bizarre force has been shown to…

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Nuclear Fusion Could Completely Eliminate The Need For Fossil Fuels By 2030-1

Nuclear fusion could completely eliminate the need for fossil fuels by 2030

Nuclear fusion has long been hailed as a near-perfect solution to the burgeoning global energy crisis. Centered around the replication of reactions occurring in the sun, this process involves the fusion of two lightweight atoms like hydrogen at extremely high temperatures, resulting in the release of large amounts of energy as well as the creation…

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