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Virtual Reality can help in more precise evaluation of sex offenders

It is pretty common knowledge that sex offenders have to go through intense sessions of psychotherapy before they are released into the conventional scope of a society. However, what is not common knowledge pertains to a particular technique (for male sex offenders) called penile plethysmography. This entails the positioning of a ring-like sensor mechanism around…


UCSD’s newly designed composite nanomaterial can capture solar energy with 90 percent efficiency

Previously we had talked about a nanoparticle composite made from gold, that could potentially help in detecting breast cancer. Well, this time around, a group of San Diego-based scientists from University of California (UCSD), have successfully concocted a special composite nanomaterial that has the wondrous ability to convert almost a whopping 90 percent of sunlight…

Skin cells converted to neurons_1

Human skin cells reprogrammed into specific brain cells: A possible cure for Huntington’s disease

Huntington's disease(HD) is a fatal genetic disorder, more common among people of Western Europe, that leads to the decline of one's muscle coordination as well as cognitive faculty. One of the major causes behind involuntary and erratic writhing movements of hands and feet, called chorea, this neurodegenerative disease usually makes itself visible at middle-adulthood, between…

World's thinnest electric generator_1

Scientists observe piezoelectricity in what is likely the world’s thinnest electric generator!

For the very first time, a group of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Columbia University have been successful in observing piezoelectricity in an atomically thin substance, thereby developing what is likely the world's thinnest electric generator. Constructed using a two-dimensional layer of molybdenum disulfide(MoS2), the contraption opens up a world of…


Is it time the robots joined the fray to contain Ebola in Africa?

A scientific community-sponsored teleconference to be held on November 7, may very well decide the future of robotics in handling crisis situations. The scientists and aid-workers from across the world will convene on the crucial technology as well as logistical issue - is it high time for the robots to be sent to West Africa,…

Organic Coating_Solar Cell_1

Researchers develop special organic coating that can drastically improve efficiency of silicon solar cells

The arena of Photovoltaics is currently being bombarded with numerous, and indeed ambitious, research activities, all of which strive to enhance the efficiency of available technologies. Previously, we talked about perovskite solar cells, whose low manufacturing cost and high power conversion efficiency can easily rival that of the commercially available varieties. This time around, a…

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