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The World's Largest Floating Solar Farm Becomes Operational In China-2

China’s Anhui province is home to world’s largest as well as second-largest floating solar farm

In a bid to counteract China’s burgeoning pollution and climate change problems, the country’s government is increasingly trying to replace conventional fossil fuels with cleaner and more environment-friendly energy options. To that end, the world’s largest floating solar farm has recently become operational in the southern part of the Chinese province of Anhui. (more…)

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Innovative new world map ranks the countries according to toxicity level

Like cancer eating at healthy cells, pollution is slowly engulfing the entire world, turning it toxic for humans and animals alike. An innovative new map, developed by the folks at The Eco Experts, showcases the toxicity level of each country. In addition to air pollution, the map takes into consideration carbon emissions, power consumption as…

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