8 of the most ambitious space missions scheduled for the coming years-1

8 of the most ambitious space missions scheduled for the coming years

Although deemed impossible only a few centuries ago, space exploration like flight are easily two of mankind’s greatest achievements. In fact, they are glowing exemplars of what the human mind is capable of attaining, when left to its own devices. The outer space has long held an unshakable fascination, originating over 25,000 years ago with…


12 incredible facts you should know about the Roman gladiators

Often viewed as the working class heroes of the Roman society, the gladiators have surely seen their fair share of screen time in our modern-day popular media. However, beyond grand spectacles and bloody feats, the very nature of gladiatorial contests alluded to the 'institutionalization of violence' ingrained in the Roman society since its tribal days.…


10 fascinating applications of futuristic technology that will boggle your mind

Previously, we had harped about technologies that mirror science-fiction in their scopes and functionalities. Well, this time around, the essence of ingenuity is favored over grand schemes and advanced machines. So, without further ado, let us take a gander at ten such (possibly) upcoming applications of futuristic technology that are sure to boggle your mind.…


6 advanced bike conceptions that ramp it up on the technological level

While biking over the years have crossed the threshold of hobby exercise to practical means of eco-friendly transportation, the core technology fueling this scope has almost remained the same. But time and again, there are a few innovative bike design conceptions that allude to the potential futurism of this low-emission transportation mode. So, without further…


10 interesting origins of country names from around the world

Why is France called France? Or for that matter, is Chile named 'oddly' just because it is shaped like a chili? Well, we will try our best to solve such mysterious and their theories, both from the perspectives of etymology and history. So, without further ado, let us take a gander at ten such pretty interesting…

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