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Another photo mash-up collection, this time in the realm of pop culture

Last month, we showcased Damien Hypolite's astonishing 'fusion' of 18th century Paris (portrayed in Assassin’s Creed Unity) with real-time Paris in our contemporary era. Well, this time around, the level of impressive details gives way to a level of comical ambit, with history professor Francois Dourlen's series of mash-up photography that dabbles in pop culture.…


Artist Lizabeth Eva Rossof’s Xi’an-America Warriors: A terracotta army of popular cartoon characters

California-based artist Lizabeth Eva Rossof has taken the familiar cartoon characters that children across the world know and love, and turned them into something spectacular. Her creations include a collection of incredibly realistic terracotta sculptures similar to the iconic Terracotta Army discovered in the Chinese city of Xi'an. Only the sculptures,called the "Xi'an-America Warriors", feature cartoon characters…

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