Breakthrough Starshot Aplha Centauri-1

Self-healing nano-starship to embark on a 20-year-long journey to Alpha Centauri

A while back, we wrote about the amazing Breakthrough Starshot mission, which aims to make interstellar exploration possible. Proposed back in April by world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, the futuristic project envisions using powerful lasers to launch a fleet of chip-sized robotic probes into space, sending them on a 20-year-long voyage to the nearest star Alpha…

8 of the most ambitious space missions scheduled for the coming years-1

8 of the most ambitious space missions scheduled for the coming years

Although deemed impossible only a few centuries ago, space exploration like flight are easily two of mankind’s greatest achievements. In fact, they are glowing exemplars of what the human mind is capable of attaining, when left to its own devices. The outer space has long held an unshakable fascination, originating over 25,000 years ago with…


Boeing could one day build an aircraft propulsion system, powered by lasers and nuclear explosion

A team of three researchers, working at Boeing, has submitted a patent application for a laser-powered aircraft propulsion system. Although it does seem ambitious, given our current, quite limited, knowledge of nuclear fission and fusion, the company believes that this self-powered engine could one day be used to propel airplanes, spacecraft and even missiles. (more…)

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