synthetic spider silk

Synthetic Spider Silk Could Revolutionize Drug Delivery And Wound Care-1

Synthetic spider silk could revolutionize drug delivery and wound care

Boasting a wide range of impressive properties, including high extensibility, extremely high tensile strength and toughness, spider silk is a nature's wonder that scientists have long tried to recreate in the laboratory. After five years of research, a team from the United Kingdom has finally managed to produce artificial spider silk that could revolutionize the…

Moon Parka World's First Garment Made From Synthetic Spider Silk-3

Spiber’s Moon Parka: The world’s first garment made from synthetic spider silk

Many of today’s technologies have their basis in nature and natural processes. Spider silk, for instance, has long been the object of fascination for scientists across the world. Basically a type of protein fiber used by spiders to make webs, the silk has some truly incredible properties, including high tensile strength comparable to that of…

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