Ghost Ship_visualSKIN_2

The ‘Ghost Ship’ fulfills the fantastical scope of an entire 17th century ship projected with water

A water-made Flying Dutchman? Well, the 'Ghost Ship' installation from Romanian architecture studio visualSKIN pertains to this otherworldly ambit, with the entire display 'floating' on a canal in Amsterdam. In case you are wondering - the ship embodiment was achieved by projecting water in two curtains. This dual scope of layering endowed the final illusion…

Photographer captures macro photos of the vibrant ladybugs in his backyard

Earlier this week, we showcased United States Geological Survey’s series of macro-photos that exhibited the intricate side of bees. Well, this time around, Ireland-based photographer Tomasz Skocze has gone the 'macro route' with his incredibly captured images of ladybugs. With most of the photos snapped in the backyard garden of his house, the uniformity shared…


34-Million-Year-Old fossil Remains Lead To The Discovery Of A New Species Of Carnivore-1

34-million-year-old fossil remains lead to the discovery of a new species of prehistoric carnivorous mammals

Researchers studying Egyptian fossils have discovered an entirely new species of prehistoric carnivorous mammals known as hyaenodonts. According to the study, recently published in the PLOS ONE journal, these fascinating creatures can be regarded as predecessors of modern-day terrestrial carnivores, residing in places across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Hyaenodonts, however, were a group…

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Science and Tech

World's Sharpest Laser Could Improve Deep Space Communications-1

World’s sharpest laser could improve radio-based communications in deep space

Stepping out of the sci-fi realm, lasers today boast a variety of real-world applications in fields as diverse as medicine, military, space exploration and even nanotechnology. To ensure better performance as well as precision, scientists around the world are continually looking for ways to enhance the power and sharpness of lasers. As part of a…

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