3 Unexpected Ways We Are Fighting Disease with Technology

Introduction Medical science may be the first and primary line of defense modern society has against dangerous diseases, but other types of technology also play an important role in prevention, containment, and treatment. Since mitigating the impact of infectious pathogens often depends largely on public and personal behaviors, technology is particularly valuable when it comes…

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Hamid Sardar-Afkhami’s photographs capture the enthralling, yet simple life of Mongolian reindeer herders

Despite their perilous and difficult life as nomads, the Dukha people of Mongolia are known for their unabated courage, unwavering patience and near-stoical endurance. An ancient tribe of Turkish descent, they are presently localized to the mountainous region of Khövsgöl, in the northern part of the country. Hamid Sardar-Afkhami is a world-renowned film-maker, whose works…


The mysterious case of the “3000-year old castle” beneath Lake Van

The romanticism associated with sunken cities and palaces hold true across numerous fables and folklore from around the world. Well, this time around, some researchers were greeted with the 'real stuff' in the form of an allegedly 3000-year old castle beneath Lake Van - the second largest lake in the Middle East, located just within…

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How Technology Has Changed the Ability to Secure Our Homes

Home security is a big deal in the modern age. Aside from security gadgets being cool to mess around with, today’s home security technology truly gives a homeowner like you and your family a lot of control over how your home security operates. Since this technology has been adapted to work with pre-existing mobile devices,…

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Science and Tech

4 Ways Galvanized Steel Has Improved Infrastructure

Galvanized steel changed the construction industry because of its unique properties that don’t harm the environment. This means that infrastructure is safer and hardier, lasting longer for the long haul. Here are some of the ways that galvanized steel has worked to improve society. Increased Rigidity Steel, in general, has worked to increase the rigidity…

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