Ocean Atlas_1

Ocean Atlas: The world’s largest underwater sculpture, that doubles as an artificial reef!

A sculptor by profession, Jason deCaires Taylor is known for his innovative underwater art installations. Most of his creations boast of uniquely contemporary designs, while at the same time being incredibly eco-friendly. Constructed using sustainable pH-neutral substances, these underwater sculptures in turn facilitate the proliferation of coral reefs. This time around, the UK-based artist has…

Carnivorous Plants

The 8 most fascinating yet savage flesh eating plants

It is indeed intriguing to note the sheer diversity of the plant kingdom, with its staggering 250,000 species of flowering plants or Angiosperms, around 25,000 to 30,000 different types of Orchidaceae and hundreds of species of Gymnosperms and Bryophytes. Although fascinating in their own right, the flesh eating plants represent another, quite bizarre, face of…



The mysterious case of the “3000-year old castle” beneath Lake Van

The romanticism associated with sunken cities and palaces hold true across numerous fables and folklore from around the world. Well, this time around, some researchers were greeted with the 'real stuff' in the form of an allegedly 3000-year old castle beneath Lake Van - the second largest lake in the Middle East, located just within…

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How Technology Has Changed the Ability to Secure Our Homes

Home security is a big deal in the modern age. Aside from security gadgets being cool to mess around with, today’s home security technology truly gives a homeowner like you and your family a lot of control over how your home security operates. Since this technology has been adapted to work with pre-existing mobile devices,…

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Science and Tech

Hard Disk

5 best hard disk speed tester software for Windows users

Hard Disk (HD) is one of the important components of a computer. In fact, it is the brain of a computer. Those who use the internet frequently are always found complaining that their system is not performing well because the HD might not be working properly. But now there is a software with the help of…

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