Tesla undertakes ambitious task of building world's largest solar storage facility in Kauai-5

Tesla undertakes ambitious task of building world’s largest solar storage facility in Kauai

Tesla’s foray into clean energy reached a high point last year when it completed an enormous solar power facility in the island of Ta’u in American Samoa. Fitted with as many as 5,328 photovoltaic panels as well as 60 industrial-scale PowerPack batteries, the 1.4-megawatt installation currently provides nearly 100-percent of the island’s energy. The company’s…


Mind-scrambling animation reveals just how big a black hole really is

Black holes are enormous, physics-defying regions in the universe that continue to mystify laymen and scientists alike. Ever since the birth of Einstein's theory of general relativity, researchers have mulled over the existence of these mysterious, invisible structures. Despite the voluminous body of research on the subject, it is still quite difficult to define what…




The reACT home produces food, generates energy and self-regulates its user systems

Ticking off the usual 'boxes' of sustainability, like the low-impact modular design and solar power credentials, the reACT home does one better by integrating a range of green technologies that go beyond the user convenience to actually account for tangible productivity. To that end, reACT, used as an acronym for Resilient Adaptive Climate Technology, is…

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Nanocomposite materials can pave the way for fusion power plants

On the theoretical level, fusion, the process that fuels the sun, can provide unlimited clean energy for humanity. However, fusion-based power plants have seemingly been out of range from the realm of practicality, simply because scientists are not aware of many materials that could survive the punishing conditions concocted inside a fusion nuclear reactor. But…

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Tech Innovation Education: How the Internet Has Changed the Way We Learn

The millennial generation is the biggest benefactor of the internet explosion. It is safe to conclude that the late stage of the millennials is entirely dependent on the web. The average millennial is equipped with at least one internet-enabled device. The Internet of Things concept, which connects several devices to communicate, makes a huge percentage…

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