12 innovative, eco-friendly designer lamps made from bamboo

7) Bamboo Floor Lamp by Sarah Kim

Bamboo Floor Lamp by Sarah KimBuilt entirely using natural materials such as organic glue, raw hide and bamboo wood, the Bamboo Floor Lamp by Sarah Kim is the perfect Poster Child for sustainable ‘green’ living.

Bamboo Floor Lamp by Sarah Kim_1First in the Bamboo Lighting Series, this lamp makes brilliant use of bamboo stalks that are skilfully arranged into a stunning modern design. The unique structure of the lamp helps produce a subdued gleam of light.

8) ‘The Leone Series 01′ by Lanzavecchia + Wai

The Leone Series 01 by Lanzavecchia+WaiAs a way of paying tribute to the traditional Chinese Lion Dance, Italian-Singaporean design studio Lanzavecchia + Wai has collaborated with an Asian craftsman to create ‘The Leone Series 01′ of eco-friendly tabletop, floor and hanging lamps.

The Leone Series-01-by-Lanzavecchia-+-Wai-1Taking after the fascinating shapes and colors of the Lion Dance masks, these designer lamps are made using flexible bamboo strips that are covered in white rice paper. The startling orange paint on the inside of the lamp actually creates a brighter glow.

9) CONSTANTIN by Andrea Claire Studio

Constantin-by-Andrea-Claire-studioBrooklyn-based artisan and fabricator Andrea Claire, of the Andrea Claire Studio, is the maker of the magnificently artistic CONSTANTIN lighting collection. First displayed at the 2011 ICFF, this collection consists of handmade floor lamps, chandeliers and table lamps.

Constantin-by-Andrea-Claire-studio_2Borrowing from Isamu Noguchi’s works and also the traditional pendant-shaped Chinese lanterns, the designer has carved the basic structure from bamboo. The bamboo lampshade actually produces a warmer glow. The individual lamps are connected by means of brass tubes, making the whole set-up look like branches of a tree.

10) Xuan Lamp by Innovo Design

Xuan-lamp-by-Innovo-DesignThe 2011 Milan Furniture Fair witnessed a rather unusual lamp design in the form of Chinese brand, Innovo Design’s Xuan Pendant Lamp. Xuan, in Chinese, literally means disorder. Made from a wispy mass of superfine bamboo  threads, the highly unorthodox design of this lamp is indeed quite refreshing.

Xuan Lamp by Innovo Design _2A light breeze, and you will sit mesmerized by the beauty of these delicate bamboo strands dancing about in the wind. 

11) ‘Fusion’ Lighting collection by Fernando and Humberto Campana

Fusion lighting collection by Fernanado and Humberto CampanaThe ‘Fusion’ series of eco-friendly lighting is the result of the amalgamation of French and Brazilian cultures. Created by designers Fernando and Humberto Campana, in association with crystal maker Baccarat, these lamps are undeniably elegant in their appearance. The intricate rattan structure, coupled with the elaborate crystal ornamentation makes for a striking picture.

'Fusion' lighting collection by Fernando and Humberto Campana_2

While the hanging lamps are built using interwoven strips of bamboo, the tabletop lamps are made with lithe, cylindrical bamboo segments. The collection also includes a spectacular chandelier piece with curved bamboo arms.

12) Moso Pendant Lamp by Brian Schmitt

Moso Pendant Lamp by Brian SchmittThe man behind the famous 2005 Adrift Mobiles, designer Brian Schmitt is known for using sustainable, environment-friendly substances in most his designs. The Moso bamboo lamp, another of Schmitt’s creations, was launched back at the 2007 HauteGREEN exhibition.

Moso Pendant Lamp by Brian Schmitt_2Built almost entirely using organic materials, this lightweight hanging luminaire consists of a bamboo veneer lampshade, that is then coated with a concoction of low V.O.C linseed oil and tungsten oil. It does not use an synthetic glue. The presence of an energy-saving LED bulb makes the lamp all the more efficient.

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