Craig Alan’s gargantuan portraits are actually patterns formed by real people

Craig Alan_aerial_ portraits

Yet another portrait project for those hyped up celebrities? No, sirree! These are no ordinary portraits – on closer inspection, you can make out the throng of actual people who make up the visages of the famous personalities!

The brainchild of Californian photographer/artist Craig Alan, the portraits as we see are created by the magic of aerial photography, along with lots and lots of people. On a meta level, the wondrous effect is all about the contrast of dark and light color tones. The people are made to wear black cloths, thus efficaciously making the patterns stand out from the whitish background. Additional effects like the red lips, were added later to accentuate the degree of differentiation, while at the same inducing our brains to recognize the face (like that of Marilyn Monroe – see below).

Craig Alan_aerial_ portraits_1

The portraits cover some very famous names, including Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Audrey Hepburn, Jimi Hendrix; in addition to inanimate monuments like the Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty. And, don’t forget to check out more such glorious examples of dynamic representations (done via dynamic means) in Vinings Gallery’s featured artist section.

Craig Alan_aerial_ portraits_1

Craig Alan_aerial_ portraits_3

Craig Alan_aerial_ portraits_4

Craig Alan_aerial_ portraits_5

Craig Alan_aerial_ portraits_6

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