Foie-ck A Duck: A ‘controversial’ burger that might just be banned in many nations

Foie-ck A Duck

The description of the above pictured Foie-ck A Duck makes for a pretty ‘succulent’ read – a sous vide duck breast specially encrusted in a tad layer of peppercorns, delectably drenched in foie gras cognac cream sauce, and accompanied by a sliced piece of fresh summer truffle. And, chances are you will never be able to taste the dream even if you can afford the delicacy! Why so? For a pretty simple reason – foie gras or ‘fat liver’ of a duck is banned in many countries around the world.

Now before your gourmet side takes up the torch of revolt, the very term ‘foie gras’ comes from the French language, as such the dish itself is considered as a part of the gastronomical heritage of France. However to achieve such standards, the unfortunate duck has to go through sessions of forced feeding that makes its liver fattened in a particular manner. The end result according to many aficionados, endows a ‘rich, buttery taste’ that pushes it into the realm of exclusive delicacies.

Foie-ck A Duck_1

As expected, the part about the force feeding doesn’t sit well with the health officials and governments of many countries other than France. Now of course many of us might argue – the preference of various food items should fall within the right of the consuming individual. But is foie gras worth the consumption (despite its taste), in regard to the way the liver meat is ‘contrived’ in the first place?

Foie-ck A Duck_banned

Blue regions are the ones where ‘foie gras’ is banned.

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