Nicolas Delort’s artworks entail black ink being etched off canvas surfaces!

Nicolas Delort_artwork_8

Nicolas Delort’s artworks are black and beautiful! Giving a wondrous twist to the conventional notion of adding paint to create a painting, the French-Canadian artist rather removes paint to create his incredible masterpieces! How so? Well, our crafty artist uses a unique technique termed as scratchboard, which requires one to apply to black ink to a white canvas. This ink is then strategically scratched off to make way for fantastical characters, backdrops and of course themes.

In other words, it is pretty much the reverse process of painting a regular setting or a portrait. This attention to the utilization of negative space (as opposed to inking over positive space) endows a characteristic novelty to each of the individual monochromatic artworks. Take a gander at the fascinating examples below, and you can also check out the full portfolio from here.

Nicolas Delort_artwork_1

Nicolas Delort_artwork_2

Nicolas Delort_artwork_3

Nicolas Delort_artwork_4

Nicolas Delort_artwork_5

Nicolas Delort_artwork_6

Nicolas Delort_artwork_7

Nicolas Delort_artwork_8

Nicolas Delort_artwork_9

Nicolas Delort_artwork_10

Nicolas Delort_artwork

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