Tensile tree-tent: A portable treehouse in the style of a hammock

Tensile tree-tent_4

Is it just a hammock? Is it just a tent? Nope, the allegorically named Tensile is envisaged as a collection of ‘portable treehouses’ that is perfect for your weekend outings in the lap of nature.

Tensile tree-tent_1

Bridging the gap between an outdoor habitable unit and an elementary hammock, the Tensile tree-tents boast of their cover-screens that can easily shield against the damned army of flying insects, bugs and other nature-residing spawns. Moreover, these units also have reinforced floors that are rather strengthened by the namesake tensile force when they are tautly suspended between the tree trunks.

Tensile tree-tent_2

And, the best part would arguably entail the assortment of incorporated storage spaces that include luggage nets, pouches for your mobile devices and even nifty little drink holders for enjoying nature while sipping your favorite wine. If interested, the portable treehouses are available for purchase from various avenues. For more info, please check out the product page.

Price range – $599 to $749.

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Tensile tree-tent_4

Via: Ignant

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