The entire Game of Thrones in a single cartoon drawing? You betcha.

Game of Thrones cartoon

Be warned –  it is a spoiler for those have been living under the rock for the last few months!

Many of us have had the misfortune of seeing (or feeling, in case you have actually read The Song of Ice and Fire books) our favorite characters being literally cut-off from the fantasy series. Why so? Well, the answer might be simple – G.R.R. Martin is a sadist. Or he is a genius who does it all for the sake of the story arc. Or maybe he is a sadistic genius!

In any case, artist nedesem has perfectly captured the ‘morally-somewhat-wrong-yet-posing-as-somewhat-ambiguous’ essence of the Game of Thrones universe with a dash of humor. Check out this nifty piece of cartoon art that makes it all clear –

Game of Thrones cartoon_2

Via: Geekologie

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