By the love of Zeus, ‘The Cloud’ is a thunderstorm mimicking lamp!


We all know about motion sensor light; you know, the kind that can turn itself on or off in response to any movement in the room, or lack thereof. But how about ones that also play audio in the background? Enter “The Cloud” lamp by designer Richard Clarkson, a smart lighting and sound system that will indeed leave you speechless.

Created for the MFA course in Products of Design, “The Cloud” is no ordinary lamp. From  Bluetooth connectivity to 2.1 speakers, this LED lighting fixture is packed with stunning features. But what clearly takes the cake is the impressive mock-thunderstorm effect that will instantly transform your living room into the Amazonian wilderness. This is achieved by means of highly intuitive motion detectors: any kind of movement in its vicinity will actually set the lamp off into a miniature thunderstorm display, complete with rhythmic flashes that are imitative of lightning. Additionally, 2.1 channel output speakers provide the perfect audio accompaniment, needed to create the ambiance of a rainy evening, right in your bedroom.


The willowy structure of the ceiling light is designed with the help of hypoallergenic fiber matted into a sponge framework. Remote control allows the user to change the color of the lights, while the smart Bluetooth facility lets you play music of your choice.


The only downside, some might say, is the hefty price tag: at $3360, “The Cloud” is definitely an extravagance. However, a slightly less expensive ‘Lamp Only’ variety is also available for $965.

For buying from the designer’s website, click here.


Via: Home Harmonizing

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