Head in the Clouds: A powerfully symbolic installation made from used plastic bottles

Nigh looking like an overgrown mushroom in the middle of a lush green field, the image is surreal to say the least. But there is more to the hypnagogic arrangement than that meets the eye. A grand assembly courtesy of the creative team at STUDIO KCA, the lyrically named ‘Head in the Clouds’ was a sculptural pavilion made from 53,780 used plastic bottles!

The gargantuan structure was assembled during summer at the Governor’s Island, which is just around a single kilometer away from Manhattan, New York City. And, in a quite conscientious manner, the impact of the Head in the Clouds goes beyond its apparent gimmicky nature.


How so? Well, the ambit is not only about utilizing used plastic bottles for a public installation. The number of bottles (comprising of milk jugs and water bottles) also signifies something greater and arguably more crucial in magnitude – NYC residents throw away more than 50,000 plastic bottles in just one hour! In other words, the entire sculptural pavilion was constructed from 60-minutes worth of junk from a major metropolitan city.


This powerful symbolic element does make us wonder – as modern inhabitants of our planets, are we really resourceful or just conveniently inclined towards highfalutin tech? In any case, you can also have your very own ‘upcycled’ plastic backyard structure with the aid of the STUDIO KCA designers.




Via: ThisisColossal

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