Forest Retreat: A modernistic man-made habitat secured by natural elements

Forest Retreat

The exemplification of a modernistic structure nestled in a sylvan natural environment – this in a nutshell describes the ‘Forest Retreat‘, a simple architectural rendition from Czech studio Uhlik Architekti. The ‘piece de resistance’ of this fascinating scope is interestingly an integral part of the rustic site – a jutting rock that provides the support for the angular rear section of the leaning habitat.

Forest Retreat_1

The angled tiny house in itself conforms to a small affair, with its dimensional figures reading just 10 x 20 ft (or 200 sq ft). However, beyond just the spatial ambit, it is the idea behind the Forest Retreat project that really tickles our fancy. According to the designers involved, the notion originally came from a client who wanted to have a secluded retreat away from the hustle and bustle of Prague. The bucolic spot translates that desire through its Tolkien-esque ambiance of ‘fields, woods, and meadows’.

Forest Retreat_2

As for the constructional side of the whole sylvan scope, the architects resourcefully utilized timber from the dead trees of this forest, thus upholding the low impact essence of the building. The sustainable consideration is matched up by the openness of the Forest Retreat interior space, which is defined by the floor-to-ceiling glass entrance and the expansive window on the angled top-end. These strategically arranged voids play their part in visually and psychologically connecting the user with the surrounding peaceful environment.

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Via: MyModernMet

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