Matheus Toscano recreates the striking FIFA World Cup moments in all their 8-bit glory

Matheus Toscano_8-bit art

How about seeing the incredible World Cup wining goal of Mario Götze in the true Mario style of the video game fame? Well, that is exactly what Matheus Toscano brings to the fray, with his 8-bit art style depicting famous and hilarious moments from the greatest sporting event on the face of earth.

The Brazilian artist has been rendering his adorable 8-bit canvases since 2012, all with the help of just an iPad and the well-known drawing app ‘Sprite Something’. The results are quite interesting to the say the least, with the collection of settings capturing an entire range of memorable moments from the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Matheus Toscano_8-bit art_1

The honor list of Matheus Toscano of course includes the winning goal from the German-substitute Götze, while it also portrays some other special instances, like – Argentinian manager Alejandro Sabella’s ‘fallible’ reaction to Gonzalo Higuain’s unfortunate goal attempt, Mexican goalie Guillermo Ochoa‘s acrobatic antics in all of their matches and the ever-paradisiacal Christ the Redeemer against the backdrop of the golden setting sun.

Matheus Toscano_8-bit art_2

Special mention should also be reserved for rendering all the World Cup final squads (with nifty details for the individual players) starting from the year 1994 when Brazil took the crown in USA, to the present day, as united Germany took the cup for the first time.

You can gleefully gawk at some of the the app-assisted drawings below, and see if you can pinpoint the moment from your ‘mind palace’. As for the entire portfolio of images, do take a gander at the artist’s homepage.

Matheus Toscano_8-bit art_3

Matheus Toscano_8-bit art_4

Matheus Toscano_8-bit art_5

Matheus Toscano_8-bit art_9

Matheus Toscano_8-bit art_10

Matheus Toscano_8-bit art_6

Matheus Toscano_8-bit art_7

Matheus Toscano_8-bit art_8

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