Dick Clark’s marvelous residence – is it the modern-day Flintstones house?!


Espousing the famous jingle from our childhood memories, the above pictured rocky paradise is surely a habitat built for the modern, stone-age family. Presumably inspired by the one-and-only Flintstones, this incredible Malibu property was actually owned by the late Dick Clark, who built the expansive dwelling for his wife.

Dick Clark_Flintstones house-1

The cartoon-inspired house boasts of a substantial 2,500 sq ft of area – all of which is defined simply by a single bedroom, two bathrooms, kitchen space, a dining space and a drawing room. Regarding the latter, this drawing room is arguably the ‘piece de resistance’ of the residence with gorgeous views of the close-by ocean. The paradisiacal setting is complemented by the rock-cut furnishings and vaulted ceilings that proudly showcase their organic shapes and sizes.

The scope of the Flintstones house is however not just limited by the physical embodiment of the residence itself,; it also encompasses the huge 23-acre compound which is just a stone’s throw away from the Pacific Ocean. But of course, awesomeness never comes cheap – the entire property is currently listed at a price of $3.5 million, for those who are interested.


Dick Clark_Flintstones house_3

Dick Clark_Flintstones house_4

Dick Clark_Flintstones house_5

Dick Clark_Flintstones house_6

Dick Clark_Flintstones house_7

Dick Clark_Flintstones house_8


Dick Clark_Flintstones house_9

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