A slice of futuristic display – LG unveils the world’s largest flexible and transparent OLED panels


It was two years ago when LG embarked on a mission to contrive ginormous 60-inch Ultra HD panels in both their folded and transparent prototypes. And now in 2014, the designers are seemingly making credible progress in the right direction, as is evident from the company’s unveiling of the 18-inch specimens of the rollable and the transparent OLEDs – both of which are currently the largest of their types in the world.

As for the technical side of affairs, these OLED panels still do not have the UHD capacity. However, the flexible OLED does boast of at least high-definition resolution with 1200 x 810 pixels (80PP) and an incredible 30R radius of curvature. This intrinsic flexibility according to the developers, is derived from a special high molecular substance-based polyimide film, and the mind-boggling result is pretty much comprehensible from the images.


On the other hand, LG has not divulged much information regarding the transparent panel, except for its impressive transmittance percentage of 30 – which is 3 times more than the present day transparent panels. This breakthrough complemented by the reduction of the haze to 2 percent, truly makes the development praiseworthy in context of contemporary technology.

Of course, the scientist and developers still have a long way to go, with Byung Kang, Senior Vice President and Head of the R&D Center at LG Display, promising the future 60-inch panels to have UHD capacity with transmittance percentages of 40 and radii of curvature of 100R. These advanced display panels are expected to make their respective prototype debuts by the year 2017.


Via: FlatPanelsHD

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