Be witness to the 4.5 million Nemophila flowers in Japan’s Hitachi Seaside Park

Nemophila flowers

Photoshopping at its best has still not caught up with the grand efficacy of nature’s glory. Imposing yet tranquil at the same time, these are nigh perfect shots of the Hitachi Seaside Park, a paradisiacal 470 acre (or 190 hectares) park situated in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

The awe-inspiring scope of the bluish haze is derived from the astronomical 4.5 million baby-blue-eyes (also known as Nemophila) that majestically drape the expansive rolling fields of the flower park. They are however not alone in their splendor; the park also boasts of different types of daffodils, tulips and other flowers.

Azure TB

Nemophila flowers_1

The magnificent scenes that you are probably gawking at, happens just once in an year, around the time of April in a nature-inspired event aptly known as the Nemophila Harmony. And, since we brought up the images, all of the photographs are real, except for photoshopping out the throng of crowds who tend to flock to the park for witnessing the ‘beautiful might’ for nature.


Nemophila flowers_2

Teerayut Hiruntaraporn

Nemophila flowers_3

Syota Takahashi

Nemophila flowers_4


Nemophila flowers_5

  Ituki Kadiwara

Nemophila flowers_6


Nemophila flowers_9


Nemophila flowers_10




Nemophila flowers_8


Featured Image Photo Credit: Atsushi Motoyama 

Via: BoredPanda

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