The Nook: A functional teepee-styled cabin that also serves as a raft


How about a quaint tipi-styled cabin, nestled deep in the woods, for your next holiday retreat? Following the shapes and forms of the traditional teepee, designer Antony Gibbon has constructed a functional yet minimalist cabin called the Nook.

The innovative design of the Nook is mainly derived from the ancient tent-building techniques of the nomadic tribes of Canada and the United States. The sloped walls of the cabin are created with the help of angled wood panels that are attached directly to the basic framework. The entire structure is strengthened by means of glass sections, adjoining the walls.

The cabin makes excellent use of natural lighting, as its glass doors and windows, together with crystal-clear transparent roof, lend the impression of spaciousness.  What is indeed fascinating about it is the specially-crafted  raft-type structure, containing a multitude of recycled containers concealed underneath. Constructed using locally-sourced wood, the Nook boasts of some rather impressive eco-friendly credentials. Be it in the midst of a tropical rainforest, or in an urban locality cramped for space, the simplistic yet versatile design of this easy-to-install cabin allows it to sit in perfect harmony with the surroundings. The designer has also made additional provision for an extra floor, that can be added above the ground level. Because of its compact and multi-purpose structure, the Nook can d as  a retreat cabin, an office and even, a hotel.






Via:  My Modern Met

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