Shaun Hughes’s coin carvings depict exalted characters from our pop-culture

Shaun Hughes_carved nickel_1

A few days ago, we talked about a special silver coin issue which might be the only surviving medium that portrays the great Alexander from his own lifetime. But what about greatness being depicted (albeit fictional ‘greatness’) from our modern-era? Well, artist-extraordinaire Shaun Hughes surely succeeds in that endeavor, with his collection of carved nickels that portray various pop culture characters, ranging from Spider Man, Yoda, Hulk to Cthulhu, Dracula, and Chucky (okay, Chucky is not ‘great’ per se, but he surely is notorious).

Interestingly, the collection is pretty akin to a portable art-form termed as the ‘hobo nickel’ – a fascinating practice started out by some resourceful homeless people, in which they etch off coin surfaces to make genuine miniature bas-reliefs. In any case, you can gleefully gawk at the images below, and also take a gander here for more innovative coin-carvings from  Shaun Hughes.

Shaun Hughes_carved nickel

Shaun Hughes_carved nickel_2

Shaun Hughes_carved nickel_3

Shaun Hughes_carved nickel_4

Shaun Hughes_carved nickel_6

Shaun Hughes_carved nickel_8

Shaun Hughes_carved nickel_9

Shaun Hughes_carved nickel_5

Shaun Hughes_carved nickel_1

Via: LostAtEMinor

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