Transform: a shape-shifting, interactive table design by MIT researchers


Gone are the days when tables were merely static lumps of wood. Showcased at the Milan Design Week, ‘Transform’ is indeed a revolutionary concept in the domain of interactive furniture. Crafted by a team of MIT engineers and designers, this innovative table design  comes with an impressive shape-shifting feature, that will leave you spellbound.

Taking the idea behind inFORM one step further, the MIT team has created a responsive table containing three highly inventive dynamic shape displays.  The arrangement consists of more than a thousand mobile pins that are sensitive to changes in kinetic energy of the surrounding.


Any kind of motion, such as swiping your hand over the table, in their vicinity will cause these pins to burst into enchanting rippling patterns, that are actually imitative of the movements of nature, as in that of wind, sand and water.

The purpose of the project, in a way, is to bridge the gap between machine and nature, to create progressive furniture designs that are responsive as they are engaging. Although still in the development state, Hiroshi Ishii, one of the chief designers responsible for this highly interactive surface technology, hopes that the Transform table will eventually find commercial success, as well.

In an interview with Business Insider, the MIT scientist has elaborated on some of the goals and objectives of the project:

We are thinking of a few ideas for commercial products, but it takes many years, so we focus on concepts. We invented Transform to convey machine beauty in dynamic motions, to make people think differently, stimulate people to think outside of the box.

Check the amazing videos below, to watch the Transform in action –

Via: Home Harmonizing

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