House on the Castle Mountainside – A modernist shelter nestled along a rocky paradise

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The fascinating fusion of modernism and natural scope – this in a nutshell defines the aptly touted ‘House on the Castle Mountainside’, a dwelling designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, in the town of Ayora, Spain. The visual impact of the modernist house is certainly exemplified by the rocky landscape, which soars to an apical point with an actual medieval castle perched on the top (see image after the jump).


According to the architects themselves, the dwelling itself comprises of fragmented pieces that are built in sync with the undulations of the rocky site. The adaptation of this modernist form with the unforgiving topography opens up a whole new symbolic side to the affair – with the structure being conceived as a continuation (albeit with futuristic bearing) of the landscape. This is epitomized by the minimalist white lime-based facades that sort of allude to a monolithic specimen.

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The expansiveness of the outdoors is matched by an indoor void that divides up the user-oriented spaces, and also inducts natural light from the reflections of the proximate rocks. The ground floor on the other hand comprises of the garage and cellar, while the top two floors account for four private rooms (including a study) for the residence’s inhabitants. Interestingly, the intermediate level of the ‘House on the Castle Mountainside’ opens out to a private street on the rear-end of the building, which in turn connects the contemporary creation with the old castle on the top of the rocky hill.

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