Behold DIY creativity – Danilo Baletic dazzles us with his ginormous Transformers sculptures


What are the key elements to furnishing a big, bad Transformer sculpture? Well, the answers in their descending order of importance are – resourcefulness, creativity and apparently owning a scrapyard! At least that is the case with 22-year-old budding sculptor Danilo Baletic’s awe-inspiring series of the robotic installations that have taken his hometown of Podgorica (capital city of Montenegro) by storm. And rightly, they should – many of his gargantuan creations boast of up to 14 m (46 ft) heights; a monstrous scale which is equally matched by the immaculate attention to details.


The incredible endeavor was fueled by the collaborative effort of both Baletic and his scrapyard-owning father, and the duo had spent their last two rigorous years in crafting seven wondrous specimens from the Transformers universe. In fact, the robust 25-ton Megatron among them is righteously the ‘piece de resistance’ at the prime location of the city square. And, since we brought up the scope of showcasing, the scrap artists have also managed to notch up a neat little exhibition comprising of all of the metallic sculptures – with the apt theme of the Transformers’ heroes defending the city of Podgorica.


Of course, the best part in all of this is – the magnificent DIY works were entirely crafted from what most of us would dismiss as mere ‘trash’; ranging from needles to salvaged truck parts. This ambit of upcycling must provide the basis of inspiration for many such DIY enthusiasts from around the world. As for their structural relevance, Baletic’s creations sadly do not have any moving parts. However, the young designer still believes that his superb compositions can be displayed across Europe with sufficient transportation logistics. Anyhow, a true automobile-morphing Transformer would have surely come in handy in such a scenario!









Image Credits: Reuters

Via: Metro

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