David Irvine’s ‘Re-Directed Paintings’ are in fact pop-culture characters incorporated into older paintings

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David Irvine is an artist of a different breed. His forte lies not in conventional art, but in adding somewhat bizarre and often humorous pop-culture characters in older paintings. Going by the name of the “Gnarled Branched”, Toronto-based Irvine calls his art form ‘Re-Directed Paintings’.

This is because the foundation of most of his works are in fact flea market and thrift store paintings, which he then remodels by incorporating his favorite pop culture figures and references at strategic locations. It is mainly a type of recycled or even upcycled art, where discarded objects are re-purposed into aesthetically pleasing creations.

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Lover of Halloween and all things scary, Irvine takes real pleasure in transforming the otherwise lackluster pieces of art into something that is indeed awe-inspiring and also, every bit eccentric. Apart from his passion for what he calls “low brow contemporary” art, Irvine also loves gardening.

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You can find David Irvine’s creations and their prints on Etsy, Society 6 and Red Bubble. Head for to the artist’s website and Facebook profile for further information.

Image Credits: David Irvine

Via: Neatorama

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