Scrumptious food art depicting various romantic European cities

European cities_food art

Food art generating those pleasant cityscapes – well that seems to be nifty idea behind this delectable project from food stylist Anna Keville Joyce and photographer Agustín Nieto. The sapid collaborative effort was commissioned by the travel-oriented site Foodie Backpacker, and the results are appetizingly fascinating to say the least.

The food items used for the scrumptious endeavor include some pretty familiar stuff like raw sugar, mashed potatoes, various fruits, eggs and even pasta. However, familiarity gives way to a sense of wonderment, with the combination of the edibles contributing to the characteristic elements of these famous European cities. For example, we can make out the foggy illumination of Prague as well as the notion of verticality in the case of Warsaw (see below).

European cities_food art_1

European cities_food art_2

European cities_food art_3

European cities_food art_4

And if food is not your forte, you can also take a quick gander at the creative duo’s ‘A Tribute to the Budgie’ – which is a food art homage to different bird species assembled from a variety of veggies. Furthermore, you can also check out the artists’ own sites, here and here.

Via: Mashable

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