What do you call a Frankenstein-inspired art piece? Franken Edison Light, ofcourse!

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Mary Shelley is the author of the famous Gothic novel Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus, while Thomas Edison is known for inventing the incandescent light bulb in the late 1870s. What do these apparently disparate pieces of information have in common? Well, think!

…The answer is that it was actually through the Edison motion picture studios that the memorable Frankenstein’s monster was first translated into cinema. California-based innovator Dale Rorabaugh, himself a fan of the 1910 Thomas Edison Kinetogram Frankenstein movie, has done what few could ever think of.

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Uniting the genius inventor and the mad scientist, Dale has created what he aptly calls the Franken Edison Light. Described “as an art piece which interprets Thomas Edison’s light bulbs with Mary Shelley’ s Frankenstein”, this lighting system is unique because of its simple and straightforward design.

Remember how in the Frankenstein movies, the monster is electrified with a fierce bi-orbed Van de Graaff generator in order to bring him alive? The Franken Edison Light actually emulates this contrivance. Two 60 watts handmade Edison bulbs (one round and one axial) are fitted into two perfectly rotund 8″ mouth-blown glass spheres. The entire set-up is in the form of a seesaw and, is held together by means of an aircraft-grade aluminium base and stainless steel fasteners.

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The system contains a combination of anodized and unfinished surfaces that lend a kind of steampunk-like appearance, in turn adding to its old-world charm. The device comes with three mechanical on/off switches, that also allow you to control the level of brightness of the bulbs.

The project is currently being campaigned on Kickstarter, with pledges starting from $290 for a pack of two Franken Edison Lights, shipping included. Delivery is expected to take place in October,2014.

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Interested in learning more about the designer and his creations? Check out his retail website.

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