Hemeroscopium House: A modernist set piece with transparency as well as solidity


Going down the memory lane of modernist architecture, we stumbled across this beauty from Ensamble Studio, which was completed in the year 2008. Situated in the Las Rozas neighborhood of Madrid, Spain, the fascinating architectural specimen is aptly known as the Casa Hemeroscopium (or the Hemeroscopium House).

In Greek, a Hemeroscopium loosely pertains to a space where the sun sets. In other words, the zone is defined by the visual boundaries of the horizon and the sky. This ephemeral ambit of spaciousness and time is translated into a wondrous structure that shows its uniqueness and ‘suspension of disbelief’ with the antithetical fusion of both transparency and solidity.

Hemeroscopium House_1

On closer inspection, one could make out the constrained nature of the building being closely associated with the ground level. This compact enclosure gradually but surely gives way to a scope of airiness with the structural components dramatically showcasing their freedom of forms. As a result, the dwelling becomes an ethereal yet stable abode with the advantages of light induction, volumetric transparency and spatial expansiveness.


Of course, all of these special features relate of the rhythmic assembly of prefabricated beams, reinforcements and joints. The harmonious arrangement with its intrinsic novelty is in fact ‘buttressed’ by complex mathematical calculations done by the involved architects. To that end, by their own admission, the residence took around an year to engineer, but only seven days to construct. And lastly, the ‘piece de resistance’ of the Hemeroscopium House is the so-named ‘G point’, a twenty-ton granite stone at the top that counterbalances this entire ambit of fluidity.

Hemeroscopium House



Check the video for details on the construction –

Image Credits: Ensamble Studio

Via: DesignCity

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