The Barisieur digital alarm clock/coffeemaker wakes you up with the promise of caffeine


Waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Is that your idea of a good start to your mornings? If so, fret no more. London-based industrial designer Josh Renouf has created just the thing: a digital alarm clock that actually doubles as a coffeemaker.

Specially designed for coffee lovers who need their hot cup of joe to kick start their day, the Barisieur is quite a nifty piece of electronics in terms of its multipurpose, utilitarian design. The American walnut base with a digital display makes it look like an average alarm clock, whilst what stands above it appears more like a miniature chemistry lab.

The apparatus consists of a hand-blown glass beaker containing stainless steel ball bearings and a narrow cylindrical glass tube through boiling water is passed. The water is actually heated by induction, and is then pushed onto a stainless steel sieve containing a ground coffee and sugar mixture. The prepared coffee then accumulates in a cup placed vertically below it. The set-up comes equipped with a glass vessel holding milk or cream, according to the user’s preference. A small drawer beside the display is used to store the sugar and the ground-up coffee. Controls, for turning the alarm and the coffee machine on/off, are also provided.

As opposed to the blaring noise of most alarm clocks, the Barisieur wakes you up with the delicate sound of steel ball bearings clinking against each other, or against the glass beaker. This, together with the pleasantly titillating fragrance of a steaming cup of coffee, indeed makes for a perfect start to your day. This innovative alarm clock was displayed at the New Designers 2014, and is currently gearing up for commercial release. The Barisieur will soon be available to satiate all your caffeine cravings, for an estimated price range of $250 to $420.






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