Guy Whitby’s keyboard art depicts the ‘collective coolness’ from 80’s

Guy Whitby_keyboard art

How about getting your 80’s groove on with a dash of innovation? Well, that is exactly what artist Guy Whitby aka WorkByKnight brings to the table with his range of retro keyboard art. All of the artworks are created from a myriad of buttons that are found in various input devices like typewriters, phones, PC keyboards and even calculators. And, the end results are immaculate arrangements that morph into canvases depicting the ‘coolness’ from 80’s, including – stereo players, cassettes, boom boxes and those antediluvian cordless phones.

Guy Whitby_keyboard art_5

According to the grapevine, the artist does use his personal technique of photo manipulation for the groovy assemblies. However, he also uses different buttons to fill up the individual pixel spaces – which we can only imagine to be painstakingly difficult. In any case, the final effects are impressive to say the least, with the hues of the buttons deftly utilized to endow color and shadow to the collective compositions. But do take care to view them from a certain distance to comprehend the incredible attention to details.

Guy Whitby_keyboard art_1

Guy Whitby_keyboard art_2

Guy Whitby_keyboard art_3

Guy Whitby_keyboard art_4

Guy Whitby_keyboard art_6

Guy Whitby_keyboard art_7

Guy Whitby_keyboard art_8

Guy Whitby_keyboard art_10

Guy Whitby_keyboard art

Guy Whitby_keyboard art_9

Check out more of WorkByKnight’s work in his portfolio, which also covers keyboard art that depicts famous personalities, like Jesus and Gary Oldman!

Guy Whitby_keyboard art_11

Image Credits: Guy Whitby

Via: Lost At E Minor

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