The spectacular Star Wars-inspired Sandcrawler is now the regional HQ of Lucasfilm Singapore


While the design team of China-based MAD Architects firm is currently in talks with George Lucas about the construction of the famed Lucas Museum of Narrative Art worth nearly $1 Billion, there already exists a modern architectural marvel, called the Sandcrawler, that seems to have come directly from the fascinating universe of Star Wars.

Sandcrawler_6In the middle of a nondescript business park stands a uniquely spectacular structure that serves as the regional headquarters of Lucasfilm Singapore. Opened on January 16, the horseshoe-shaped office building emulates the very essence of the epic space saga.

Lucasfilm_HQ_Sandcrawler_4It is designed by Andrew Bromberg of the global designing and architectural firm Aedas and owned by Lucas Real Estate Singapore.


Fashioned after Jawa Sandcrawlers, the movable homes of the enterprising, junk scavenging natives of Tatooine called Jawas, the exterior of this Star Wars-themed industrial building is covered entirely with polished glass segments that indeed make it an incredibly futuristic specimen of so-called alien architecture.


The structure contains several other Star Wars references, including  airlock-like white and grey lobbies and also metre-high bronze sculptures of Yoda, one of the most powerful Jedi Masters in the Star Wars world. Additionally, there is a  fully equipped, ultra-modern 100-seater private theatre and, a courtyard adjoining the building.


The local headquarters of Southeast Asia branch of The Walt Disney Company and ESPN Asia Pacific are also present inside the Sandcrawler.





Via: Curbed National

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