Looks familiar? Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy gets a Calvin and Hobbes makeover!


Calvin is a little boy and Hobbes is his precious stuffed toy (or is he sentient?!). Rocket Raccoon is a little genetically engineered raccoon and Groot is his surely-sentient albeit tree-like alien buddy. Point in case – no similarities except for their relative sizes and comics origins. But these thin slivers of analogy were enough for Adi Fitri, as the artist successfully managed to give the now-famous intergalactic superheroes their earth-friendly avatars. Check the full image after the jump.


Of course, many of the Calvin and Hobbes purists might not be too excited over this presumed ‘sacrilege’ that involves perhaps the greatest comic strip ever written by a human. But we say – let it pass; after all the depiction is tasteful enough and more importantly fun!

Via: NerdApproved

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