Behold the Springfield from The Simpsons universe, built from 500,000 Lego bricks!


Lego has a history of collaborating with well-known franchises like The Lords of the Rings, Star Wars and Harry Potter. Even this year, the toy-company had successfully launched its special line of mini-figures from the The Simpsons. So what’s left to do in this exalted realm of colorful bricks? The answer is of course – build the town of Springfield which is worthy of being the ultimate homage to the great Homer. Well, designer and enthusiast Matt De Lanoy has achieved this herculean task with aplomb by creating his incredible version of the setting with over half-a-million Lego bricks.

Boasting of its gloriously vibrant avatar, the Lego-made Springfield showcases special areas and landmarks from various fan-favorite episodes. To that end, the wondrous scope covers renowned locations such as the Kwik-E-Mart, the nuclear power plant, the church, the school, the town hall, Moe’s Tavern and of course Homer’s very own homely abode.


And in spite of the astronomical 500,000 bricks being used for the setup, the depiction of the entire city was not possible due to the humongous scale of the design. So, De Lanoy opted for the specific aforementioned areas with all the painstakingly done cityscape details (including parks and landscaping).

Interestingly, our resourceful designer didn’t make use of the official Simpson’s LEGO kits. Instead he relied on customized sections and blocks, thus endowing an individualistic essence to the heroic affair. Oh, and lest we forget – De Lanoy has also made his ‘Lego mark’ in the universes of Futurama, Super Mario and even the theatrical Phantom of the Opera.











Via: Wired

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