Biei: A stunning handcrafted LED lighting collection marketed by Japanese retailer Only 1


Although still a very new name, Japanese online LED lighting retailer Only 1 has been consistently wowing people with lights and lighting systems that are unmatched in terms of their highly unorthodox and beguiling designs. With a goal to provide uniquely spectacular products that aren’t available elsewhere, the company has brought out a series of stunning, handmade LED light fixtures called Biei.

only-1-LED-light-bulbs-12Biei, when translated, means a beautiful shadow and, is indeed quite an appropriate name for the 2013 Good Design Award winning collection. The first in the series is $368 Molten Lava by Toshiyuki Yasuda. As the molten glass hardens on the resting surface, it traps numerous air bubbles of varying sizes, thereby creating an almost ethereal sight when the bulb is switched on.

only-1-LED-light-bulbs-7The $316 Grape LED light, with the tiny globular structures covering its glass surface, actually emulates the organic shape of grapes.

only-1-LED-light-bulbs-3The Icicle by Hitoshi Kamiura is crafted using hand blow glass that is shaped naturally by the forces of gravity. Priced between $210 and $253, each of the light bulbs is unique in appearance and design.

only-1-LED-light-bulbs-8Probably the most unconventional item in the collection is the Dragon Fruit by Hisao Iida. Fashioned after the cactus fruit called Pitaya, this innovative lighting is made by pricking molten glass with a pair of scissors, in order to create the sharp spikes covering its surface. It is available for an approximate retail price of $316.





Interested buyers can visit the official website of Only 1.

Via: Spoon & Tamago

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