NJ-based green studio Opiary designs unique terraformed furniture line, with built-in irrigation systems

Opiary terraformed furniture

At the 2014 NY NOW show to be held between 17th and 20th August, Princeton, New Jersey-based green studio Opiary will display its new series of eco-friendly terraformed furniture that further the cause of sustainable interior design and architecture.

opiary-studio-2Robert Canon, the founder of Opiary, is known to use eco-friendly, recyclable materials to create indoor and outdoor furnishings that attempt  to harmoniously integrate aspects of the physical, natural world into an otherwise modern setting. The company’s forte lies in customized, artisan-crafted green walls, planters and furniture products, complete with in-built irrigation systems.

eero-table-glass-topRecent additions include the Drillium Chair series, the Eero and Queen Anne collections of green tables, the Wallscapes and the Terrain Planters. The Terraform Eero table consists of a ferrocement base and a circular glass, wooden or stone top, encasing a central planting area. Its lightweight and utilitarian design allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors.

queen-anne-dining-table1The Queen Anne line comprises of standard ferrocement dining tables with ultra-smooth tops. These tables come with unique green pockets, that can be planted with mosses and other small plants.

club-chair-1The Drillium is kind of rounded club chair crafted using weather-resistant and rust-proof steel armature, coated with superfine resin fortified cement. The legs of the chair contain the Opiary signature green pockets.

eno-in-situ-wall-scape-1-1080x500Wallscape is an highly unconventional take on the age-old concept of passive wall pieces. Constructed using long-lasting protective material, each of the green walls is individually crafted and features artistically placed green patches.

Opiary-furniture8The Terrain Planters are somewhat large, yet lightweight plant holders that are built with fortified cement-coated steel armature. The organic shapes of the planters, together with the built-in irrigation systems,  make these the perfect additions to country and rooftop gardens.

To learn more about Opiary and its creations, click here.


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