The high-tech Pecera washing machine will use robotic fishes in place of detergent!


In spas across the world, ‘doctor fish’, a marine organism of the carp and minnow family, is becoming increasingly popular as the wonder treatment for skin disorders like psoriasis. Scientifically known as Garra rufa, this bottom-dwelling fish is believed to feed on dead skin, thereby reducing the appearance of psoriasis scales and pustules.


With ‘doctor fish’ as the basis of his invention, Korean industrial designer Chan Yeop Jeong has designed a uniquely innovative washing machine called Pecera that completely forgoes the traditional use of detergents or any other chemical cleaning agents. Instead, this user-friendly appliance uses high-tech robotic fishes to wash the clothes.

Known as Dofi, each of the tiny robotic swimmers is equipped with an advanced built-in camera that actually detects the presence of dirt in the laundry. The process of washing then entails a specially-developed suction method by means of which these mini-automatons absorb the filth from the clothing. The gentle washing technique, minus the harmful effects of harsh detergents, in fact makes it agreeable to even the most sensitive skin. Pecera does not require multiple washing cycles as the first spin is enough to clean and dry the entire batch of clothes, thereby making it an incredibly convenient and time-saving alternative to the plethora of low-performing washing machines that are currently crowding the market.



Although still in the development stage, the highly conceptual Pecera washing machine is one of leading entries in the ongoing 2014 Electrolux Design Lab, a global student design competition that looks for the best and most substantial technological innovations.







To vote for your favorite design concept, head over to the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab official page.

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