The 12 most fantastical houses from around the world

7) Floating Castle (in Krasnosilka, Ukraine) –


Dilapidated yet gravity-defying, the so-called ‘Floating Castle’ of Ukraine lives up to its name with its outlandish floating credentials. Unfortunately, in spite of tourists visiting the site in droves, there is no credible info regarding its architect, or even if the structure is functional (as a farm building). In any case, beyond gimmicks and showmanship, the suspended installation is indeed extraordinary by virtue of its single cantilevered support.

8) Crooked Little House (in Sopot, Poland) –


The ‘twisted’ fruit of influence from the works of Polish artist Jan Marcin Szancer (who made various fairy tale illustrations) and Swedish painter Per Dahlberg, this bizarre specimen was constructed eleven years ago in the seaside town of Sopot, Poland. Oddly enough, in spite of its Polish name ‘Krzywy Domek’ (that translates to Crooked Little House), the building serves as a 4,000 sq ft extension to an adjacent shopping mall.

9) ‘Hansel and Gretel’ Thatched Home (in New York, USA) –

Hansel and Gretel_Thatched Home

Originally built in 1917 for a shipping magnate, this $11 million thatched mansion defies those wallpaper-like rustic settings with its odd location being amidst the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn, New York City! Replicating the renowned Gingerbread House from our childhood tales, the wall facades proudly showcase their patchwork of small boulders interspersed by stained-glass windows. The expansive interior complements this bucolic scope with its beamed ceilings, engraved wood panelings and a ritzy central lounge area.

10) The Owl Cabin (in Bordeaux, France) –


Designed by Zebra3/Buy-Sellf in an open site close to the Rives Arcins in Bordeaux, the Owl Cabin is wholly constructed from timber components. The aesthetics of the structure is in some ways defined by practical means – like those conspicuous porthole windows at the top that double as the big, nocturnal-friendly eyes of an owl. And once we go inside, the gimmicky nature of the building makes way for pure innovation. For example, the internal walls are composed of special angular protrusions that help in ‘strategically’ diffusing the natural light to every nook and cranny inside the shelter.

11) The Ice-cream House (in Zell, Germany) –


German may not sound too sweet on our tongues, but the Ice-cream House surely baffles us with its chocolate chafed roofs and butterscotch walls. Unfortunately, we do not have much information about the home’s owner or architect. But what we know is – Germany is the home country of both Brothers Grimm and the fairy tale-inspired Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. So…may be the fantastical achievements of the past rubbed off on the creator in a pretty delectable manner.

12) Wheel House –


We have saved the oddest of the lot for the last. An incredible housing solution, the so-named Wheel House goes beyond the portable scope of a house-on-wheels. Rather it is a house that IS a wheel – and interestingly enough, it is used as a part of a live show by acrobatic duo Acrojou (Jeni Barnard and Barney White). And if that was not eccentric enough, the house can only be moved by rolling that is achieved via the inertial force generated by the inhabitants themselves!

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