Officially licensed Hobbit-themed Beer to be released soon by Bev-Link and Fish Brewing


Joining the league of Hobbit-themed collectibles is the soon-to-be-released officially licensed Hobbit Beer, exclusively marketed by Bev-Link and Fish Brewing. Known for being extremely hospitable and affable folks, the hobbits believed in simple pleasures, with an immense fondness for good food , freshly brewed ale and smoking pipe-weed.

The line of 10% ABV Hobbit-inspired beers, to be initially distributed on the West Coast, will comprise of three different varieties. Each of these beers attempts to emulate certain aspects of the Tolkien-created Middle Earth.


hobbit-beers-1Gollum Precious Pils – Inspired from the character of Gollum, this powerful concoction of Imperial Pils has flavours as deep and complex as Gollum himself.

hobbitbeer_bolgBolg Belgian Tripel – Named after Bolg, the Third Age Orc ruler of the Misty Mountains, this strong Belgian Tripel comes with incredibly rich and robust flavours.

hobbitbeer_smaugSmaug Stout – Fashioned after a traditional Russian Imperial Stout, this unique concoction, with its subtle hint of heat from Habanero chillis, embodies the fire and danger of The Lonely Mountains. The potion also contains strong notes of coffee, chocolate and the Northwest Hops.

 Via: Geekologie

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