Go crazy with the deliciously edible chocolate LEGO bricks, by designer Akihiro Mizuuchi!


Designer Akihiro Mizuuchi has made every LEGO fan’s dream come true. Crafted from pure chocolate, these edible LEGO bricks are one-of-a-kind, mouth-wateringly delectable alternatives to the standard plastic ones.

Edible-Chocolate-LEGO-Bricks-2Each of these building blocks can be constructed using dark, white and even milk chocolates. The chocolate is first molten over low heat. It is then poured into specially-designed LEGO brick molds  and allowed to harden into the desired shapes and forms.

Edible-Chocolate-LEGO-Bricks-8Perfect for children and adults alike, these deliciously edible chocolate LEGO bricks make for a good building game and later, an incredibly delish post-game snack. The only drawback, so to speak, is that one needs to be careful while handling these delicate goodies. That is, if one wouldn’t want a tasty mass of ooey, gooey chocolate in place of a LEGO city.






Via: HiConsumption

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