Chilean architects design Casa Till, a wooden shelter that burrows in the ground


Looking for a weekend getaway? Try the incredibly beautiful Till House or Casa Till, nestled among the hills of Chile’s Los Arcos. Though strictly not a cabin, the warmth and comfort of this quaint wooden house is quite similar to that of a retreat cabin.Casa-Till-WMR-Arquitectos-Chile_3Casa Till was designed by architects Felipe Wedeles, Jorge Manieu and Macarena Rabat, of the WMR Architectos firm, for a German-Chilean couple. The location is such that the wooden structure has a breathtaking close-up view of the pacific ocean and the coasts, while at the same time being cocooned out of sight, amongst the cliffs.

Casa-Till-WMR-Arquitectos-Chile-2One of the most remarkable features of the house is that it sort of burrows in the ground. The architects have utilized the varying elevation of the hilly terrain to construct a unique single-story structure that remains hidden between two differing altitudes. The highly unconventional design of the Till House boasts of easy ground-level-roof access, which in turn offers a stunning panoramic view of the adjacent sea and cliffs.

Casa-Till-WMR-Arquitectos-Chile-7On the exterior, the basic skeleton, including the wooden beams and columns, remain visible, making the structure look all the more organic. The 185 sq m house, built using locally-obtained pine wood, is surrounded by a wide porch on three sides, while enormous floor-to-ceiling glass windows act as walls.

Till House_2The interiors are kept simple, as a way of optimizing natural lighting. The open floor plan uses huge sliding doors to create two bedrooms and a common sitting area that acts as living room, dining room and even kitchen. The house runs on green energy, as it employs solar panels to generate electricity.

Casa-Till-WMR-Arquitectos-Chile-4The innovative and sustainable design of the Till House makes excellent use of the limited available space as well as natural lighting. Settled harmoniously in the cliffed coastal environment, the house offers both privacy and comfort, needed to reconnect with nature.



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