Casulo: A nondescript box that conceals an entirely furnished room inside it!


With the increasingly rapid pace of modern life, the need for compact, lightweight and multi-functional furniture, that are convenient as well as comfortable, is greater than ever before. Keeping that in mind, Germany-based design and furniture brand Casulo has created the “room-in-a-box”, an innovative take on conventional furniture products, that actually facilitates the concept of mobile living.

Initiated back in June 2007 as a dissertation, Casulo is the brainchild of Köln International School of Design alumni, Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser. The result is a nondescript euro-pallet box measuring 90 x 120 centimeters, that in fact contains an entire room’s share of furnishing items.


The structure is designed such that it comprises of several customized pieces and segments that can be easily assembled into normal-sized furniture. The box unfolds to reveal specially-built parts needed to construct  all kinds of furniture essentials, including a large cupboard-cum-wardrobe, a foldable bed that doubles as lounge chair, a table together with a rotating chair, a lightweight shelf unit, a mattress and a few small cube stools with built-in storage facility.

What is truly amazing about the highly inventive “room-in-a-box” is that it requires no tools whatsoever to piece together all the different components, with the company claiming that the entire task of assembling the various furniture items takes less than 10 minutes! Check out the structural ‘evolution’ from the images below –Casulo_mobile_furniture_1






To learn more about the “room-in-a-box”, check Casulo’s official website.

Via: Lost At E Minor

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