NightSUP: An innovative LED light-fitted paddleboard for awesome night paddling experience


Developed in 2011 as a safer alternative to the standard SUP board, the NightSUP is current favorite in the world of stand-up paddle boarding. Originally designed to aid the Miami-based Cape Ann SUP surfer team after dark, this custom-made LED lit-paddle board is indeed quite useful for night paddling, while at the same time offering a breathtaking nocturnal view of the sea surface and its fauna.

The NightSUP board comes equipped with a 40-foot long high intensity LED lighting system, molded along the entire circumference of the paddle rail, such that it provides a kind of perimetric effulgence which in turn facilitates better visibility.

The LED lights are enclosed inside waterproof glass casing, and powered by means of a rechargeable battery kept in a deck hatch. In clear water, the system illuminates the sea surface to a depth of about 30 to 40-feet, with the light from the LED bulbs reaching up to 16 to 20-feet below the sea level in case of turbid water. While brand new SUP boards are already commercially available, the design team also retrofits ordinary paddleboards into smart NightSUPs in less than 8 hours. Buyers are allowed to choose the color of the lighting system as well as the type and size of the paddle board.





Pricing starts from $1900 for a NightSUP H-I, with custom-made SUP boards and kayaks being sold in the Fort Lauderbale and Miami outlets. Additionally, the company offers a variety of weekly and monthly night paddling tours, on NightSUPs, at a number of stand-up paddle boarding spots in Florida.



Watch the following video to see how the NightSUP is made:

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Via: HiConsumption

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