Camou by Christian Sjöström: A flexible chair design based on the postures involved in horseback riding

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Taking inspiration from the art of horseback riding and the different postures involved in it, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts student Christian Sjöström has crafted the Camou, a convincingly versatile take on regular chair designs, whose chief selling point is its highly flexible and accommodating structure.

In case of  Equestrianism, an important prerequisite for proper riding is the correct posture and position of the rider, while on the saddle. Keeping that in mind, the Denmark-based industrial designer has developed an ultra-modern chair, that concentrates on facilitating better and more comfortable movement of and for the sitter’s body.

Camou_Christian Sjostrom

Within its limited structural scope, the Camou offers a number of sitting positions, thereby bestowing the user with greater freedom and control over his/her body, when seated. The unorthodox yet practical design is based entirely on its functionality and the material used to construct the chair.

Curved segments of strengthened steel tubes are used to form the basic framework. The body of the chair is built using transparent 3D textile that creates stunning visual effects of light and shadow. Because of its highly organic shape, the Camou chair fits perfectly into any kind of environment, while at the same time standing apart as uniquely creative art object.

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