‘Demotivational’ bed for your single self? Unfortunately, yes!

Single Man Bed_Dominic Wilcox

Treading the thin line between absurdity and practicality, London-based artist-extraordinaire Dominic Wilcox has come up with this jewel – a bed shaped in the form of a single guy with the usually sad posture of sleeping on the side (also known as ‘The Foetus’ position).

The silhouette of the ‘sad guy’ was provided by Wilcox himself – though that doesn’t mean the design is comfort guaranteed. However, there is a psychological connection between the said posture and the state of the mind of the person who is sleeping in that manner (or may be, we are just trying too hard!).

Single Man Bed_Dominic Wilcox

In fact, according to a recent survey encompassing a thousand people (done by Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service), around 41 percent of recipients slept in this curved spine, head bowed forward position. In psychological terms, such people were mostly found to be gentle, sensitive and a tad emotional. May be therein lies the key to unlock the shackles of your damned single-hood?

Via: Curbed

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